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Metropolis Design was established by the Queen of Property, Nikki Connors, to provide a place where property investors and home owners could access exciting international and locally sourced furniture at a fraction of the usual cost

With over 10 years of Property Investment experience from our sister company, Propellor Property Investment, we knew that New Zealand needed a company that could supply great longevity in design and sustainability to add maximum value to your home/apartment or your investment property.

Metropolis Design offers complete furniture packages with three different price points consisting of robust fabrics, timeless furniture classics with a modern twist as well as contemporary accessories. The packs include all items that you or your tenant need to just move in to your apartment at a turn-key situation and just start living and enjoying as we don’t only supply all of the furniture, appliances and accessories you need, we also prepare your property for immediate occupation, including making beds, hanging pictures and mirrors and placing towels and cutlery and dress the spaces with stylish accessories. We also offer items for separate sale including lounge and bedroom suites, coffee tables and dining suites, bedding, linen, lamps, rugs and Kitchen and Bathroom Packs. We are also able to offer a custom design service, designed to specifically meet your needs. Regular visits to international shows and the selective importation of up to the minute releases now enables Metropolis Design to offer the latest in design directions from around the world, at the very best prices. Furniture and Furnishing Designs that are unique and exciting.



  • Access to some of the world's finest furniture
  • Complete home furniture packages
  • Individual Kitchen and Bathroom and Laundry Packs
  • Premier delivery and installation
  • Layby Options
  • Financial assistance with organising borrowing to pay for your Furniture and Furniture Packs.
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Staying fabulous in the face of failure 

Nikki Connors, the self-crowned queen of the New Zealand property market, wants others to know how she bounced back from bankruptcy and depression.

Ms. Connors has previously worked in advertising, TV and publishing, and presently runs Propellor Property Investments. Though it might sound like she's had a blessed career -- particularly from a financial perspective -- it hasn't always been that way.

She's been bankrupt, battled with depression and endured domestic violence. How she learned from and overcame these setbacks is the subject of her new book, A Fabulous Failure.

"Maybe I was a slow learner, I don't know," she told Paul Henry this morning.

"Sometimes you trust in other people to do what you should be doing. Other times you just take your eye off the ball."

The central theme of the book is getting on with life, no matter what it throws at you.

"I did do things that I needed to do -- I worked in shops, I waitressed -- you do what you have to do because you've got children. However there was still that drive, and that was the thing that kept me going."

Her success since going into property investment -- her book promotional blurb calling it the "key to her salvation" -- means she's now in a position to help others realise their financial dreams. The key is to not give up, and ignore people who define you by your failures.

"It is a New Zealand thing. In America of course, you've got to fail a number of times before people take you seriously."

Though Ms Connors calls him an "unpleasant man", she can't help but admire Donald Trump's bumpy road to wealth.

"He started with millions from his father… he lost it all and then made it again and lost it all, and his was a real rollercoaster. But it's because of that experience that people say 'right, you know what you're talking about, you know what you've missed out on and we're going to trust that'."

Get your copy of ‘A Fabulous Failure’ today.

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