Home Staging

HOME STAGING – the key to successfully selling or renting your property.

We can transform your home or apartment into a glamorous, desirable place to live or rent. We know how to place furniture to create a better “flow” and sense of spaciousness particularly within the space restrictions of an apartment. Homestaging creates a positive first impression by showing your home or
apartment in its best light.

Did you know that home buyers and potential tenants are more likely to purchase or rent a home that is staged to sell than an empty home. We have proven this with 29 furnished apartments in a recent development that were rented within three weeks – an industry record! Sometimes it can be hard to visualize how you would place furniture within an empty space, however when you can see yourself and your personal belongings in a home or apartment you are more likely to purchase or rent the property. Also, we offer the furniture that we use to stage a property for you to purchase if you so desire.

Staging apartments can be more difficult due to a smaller space to work with however we have the experience to make your apartment attractive and spacious to as many potential purchasers or tenants as possible utilizing neutral-style furniture but with an international flair and featuring current up to the minute trends and quality products that will last.

We strive for customer satisfaction and are focused on attention to detail in all the work we do. We work flexible hours so can work around your time commitments.

And just remember, the cost of staging your home or apartment is always less than a price reduction or an empty rental property. Ask us for a quote, you will be surprised.

We have the experience to produce proven results that we are sure you will love!