Furniture Packs for Property Developers

As the Director of Metropolis Design, and Principal for Propellor Property Investments, Nikki Connors knows the ins and outs of investment property.  Having sold more than 2000 apartments, units, townhouses and houses in recent years, she knows better than anyone else what sells investment properties.

Nikki Connors - The Queen of NZ Property

Getting better returns is simple: furniture sells property

Metropolis Design has created packages specifically for investors and developers to put into their investment properties. Earn an extra $40-$60 per week in rental income, or see a significant increase in sales revenue – and sell it faster. Our cost-effective furniture packages achieve returns like this every day – it’s why developers love them.

Our furniture packages are perfect for the property investor looking to create lavish interior spaces without compromising on design or quality. Metropolis Design imbues the latest in European aesthetics into our colour coordinated and mood-enhancing packages. Bring a functional and elegant taste of urban living to every room in your investment property for a great price, with Metropolis Design.

The return on investment will speak for itself.


Call us today to find out the value our furniture packs can add to your unique property development.